” I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. “

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci: ahead of his time...

Leonardo da Vinci was a true innovator. He was never afraid to dream big and to look beyond traditional thinking. He taught us not only to wonder and ask questions, but also to test that knowledge in. Da Vinci said that when science is seen as a captain, the soldiers represent practice. Also, Da Vinci never thought in one pattern, but sought the connection in different areas in order to achieve real innovations.

How the right question turned out to be the answer for them

It was a Thursday afternoon just before Christmas. I was scrolling on LinkedIn and happened to see a video of an old classmate from primary school. He had developed a new product, an interactive fitness mirror and my curiosity was immediately aroused. I wondered: how does this device work?

That question turned out to be the starting point of a project in which everything seemed to coincide for me…

Where do they store the data and what underlying technology is used?

It seems that the worst place to keep a question is in our heads, so I decided to ask it out loud. In no time at all, this question resulted in a lunch appointment. That 1 hour lunch turned into 2.5 hours and to top it all off, he suggested that to schedule a follow-up appointment with his associates immediately.


Because — as I got back later — my intrinsic motivation and curiosity had led my former classmate to immediately involve his entire company. This resulted in a test period of one month, although after just one week it turned out that I was permanently aboard the ship. I can now say that I helped with the mission, vision and roadmap of the company and I am also responsible for the overall product within this innovative project.


Why was this project so close to my heart? I asked myself afterwards.

I’ve always had a high degree of curiosity by nature. And — like Da Vinci — I’ve always had a passion for connecting different worlds. In this project, a bridge was built between the worlds of sport and technology. And last but not least, I get an enormous kick out of working with people with whom I have an enormous connection.


Let me introduce myself… I’m Mark, and I love working with you to translate your knowledge into practice, so that together we can make the world a better place.

About Mark Voermans

Mark has 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s biggest companies and innovative startups. A true renaissance man, Mark brings varied and complementary skills and experience, including: business development; sales; engineering and IT expertise; mentoring and consulting.

Some familiar names in Mark’s global career history include: Kaspersky, KPN and Microsoft. At the latter, one of his key responsibilities was to help nurture startups in the Dutch market. He has also held roles in-house at several Dutch-based growth companies, and run his own successful start-up business.

Over the years, Mark has provided support to entrepreneurs through some of the leading mentorship programs, including Astia, Rockstar, Startupbootcamp and Seedcamp. He has spoken at multiple events.

A passionate sportsman and family man, when not working he can be found cycling around The Netherlands, enjoying fine wines and spending time with his kids.

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