Caught up in the daily operational chaos?
COO Services manages and optimizes your
operations for a fraction of the cost of a regular COO.
Experience freedom now and work on growth and profit.

Successful projects :

You are caught up in the daily operational chaos.
While you want to be working on the growth of your business. You spend way too much time on work that is way below your pay grade and stuff you don’t like at all.
The result? Long evenings and nights at the office, always emails and a burn-out on the horizon. Is this the dream you started your own business for?

Take back control with COO Services

We organize and optimize daily operations so you can build on growth, profit and experience the freedom of entrepreneurship again. Especially when there is no need or budget for a full-time COO.

When there is no need or budget for a full-time COO, have the perks and not the burdens of full-time costs.


As an entrepreneur, you can focus back on the long-term vision, growth and profit while the COO focuses on execution.


The COO is able to focus on identified priorities and respond to new needs as issues and challenges arise.

The Davinci Method

1. Define the current state.

‘If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.’

Albert Einstein

2. Create a plan.

‘The noblest pleasure of joy is understanding.’

Leonardo Da Vinci

3. Implement and measure.

‘I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Being willing is not enough; we must do.’

Leonardo Da Vinci

We always work according to our established methodology.
We interview your team, employees and possibly customers to get a complete overview of your company’s activities. Then together we determine which parts of the business need to be optimized first.

Once we have the plan ready, we execute it. This is our daily work, the phase where we take work off your plate and free you up to focus on growth and profit again


Pay as you Go & Grow
Your subscription is always customized and based on your needs.
Fixed, flexible or a combination.


✓ Fixed agreed or capped cost per hour/month.

✓ Control your budget and spend as you need.

✓ Dashboard software enabling you to achieve your business growth goals 2x faster.



We believe that entrepreneurs are capable of accomplishing incredible things when given the support they need. Every great vision is accomplished one step at a time. You are struggling with the daily operational chaos in your business when you want to build the growth of your business. COO Services takes the daily operational chaos out of your hands so you can build growth and profit.
We organize and optimize the daily operation so you can build on growth, profit and freedom. Especially when there is no need or budget for a full-time COO.


The result? More time, growth, profit & experience freedom.


Mark has 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest companies and innovative startups. A true Renaissance man, Mark has varied and complementary skills and experience including: business development, sales, IT expertise, mentoring and consulting.

Some well-known names in Mark’s global projects include: Kaspersky, KPN, BMC Software and Microsoft. At the latter, one of his main responsibilities was to help develop businesses in the Dutch market. He has also held in-house positions at several fast-growing companies and has run his own successful (and less successful) businesses.




Voor ambitieuze high-performing ondernemers in de tech industrie die:

For ambitious high-performing entrepreneurs in the tech industry who:

✓ Get overloaded with daily operational tasks and duties and don’t get around to developing vision and growth.

✓ With a decent revenue (€1 Mio) with a healthy profit margin.

✓ Is “scale-up” with sufficient growth capital.

✓ Have a product or service on the market.

✓ Have a growth mindset.

✓ Are serious about scaling their business.


NOT for entrepreneurs who:

X Are in the non-tech.

X love day-to-day operational stuff like email.

X don’t want to get everything out of their business and life.

X don’t want to live according to their own personal values.

X like to keep running in circles.

More profit, more freedom.